General Refund Policy

These are general guidelines for the refund of My African cinema ("My African Cinema", "We" or "Our"), which only apply to services purchased directly from My African Cinema website. All refunds must comply with the general guidelines for individual before applying for refund.

My African Cinema recognizes that circumstances may change, so we have a refund policy that we believe is right for you and for us. We do not have to refund you if you change your mind about a particular purchase. You have to choose carefully.

All service refunds require a refund Merchandise Transaction (RMT). You can obtain an RMT number by contacting My African Cinema Customer Service using one of the methods provided on MyAfricanCinema.com.

The service that My African Cinema receives under any of the following conditions is non-refundable and may be disapproved:

•    Every service over 7 days
•    Any service that has spent 7 days of trial time is not eligible for a refund
•    Any service used at more than three locations cannot be refunded. Your account must only be used in one or three IP addresses.
But if you use your account at the hotel, at the airport or in a cafeteria, our system will determine it and then describe the location and where the account was used.

Under certain circumstances, a refund for tickets purchased online may be possible. Keep in mind that this seat is removed from the inventory when you buy your ticket and cannot be sold out. If you change your plans and cannot use your ticket, you MUST contact the local manager at least 60 minutes before the start of the show.


My African cinema can offer a free advertising service. For example, we may do referral program or our service promotions, these are non-refundable promotions.
My African Cinema can also offer gifts and special giveaways to important customers for their ongoing support. These gifts are not for sale and therefore do not need to be refunded.

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